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Celebration of making a difference in how hair care is crafted! Handcrafting custom products with you in mind. There will be a customer appreciation sale were you can Buy 1 Give 1 for free to a friend or Buy 1 Donate 1 to the Jonesboro Women's Shelter. Use coupon code B1G1 for free friend or B1D1 for donating to the Jonesboro Women's shelter where you will be entered into a drawing to win a free Diverse Tee or Satin curlcap. Please leave separate shipping addresses for friends and leaving reviews gives you 10% off your next purchases. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for hanging in here with me this far.

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  • Ta'Mera Miller

🚨🚨SweetTee’s Hair Tip Tuesday🚨🚨

Topic: How to maintain my hair underneath my wigs? How to maintain my hair during protective styles?

Guest appearance: Keiara Michelle Watch to get some great tips on how to maintain your hair during those styles and where to get the best affordable bundles ever. Also the most affordable units out in the city. IG: KCgalore

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  • Ta'Mera Miller

#StraightHair #HealthyHair #MaintainStraightHair #HairIsHair #HealthyHairIsLove

Watch the video below to get tips on hair to maintain your hair when it’s straighten and how often should you get it straighten. Here you will get my inside tips of how I achieve a long lasting 1month straight hair. To find the hair growth oil that I use and the rest of the video click on any of the hair care tabs. Please like, share, and tag your friends!

Thank you🤗💛

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