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Working extra hard to make sure the brand and our story is told the right way. 


Giving your audience a "why" and the purpose they need these products. 


Being able to create your own content that aligns perfectly with what our brand represents. 


Make sure you have build up some really good engagement and a community so we you do represent our brand they will be tuned in!

If you answered "yes" to the above question fill the application out below. Please note that there will be legal documents provided if you are selected. But first check out our criteria. 

                                 What are we looking for? 

-Great social media following. 
-Great personality with good engagement with followers. 
-Great social media content. 
-Good social media presence. 
-Posts consistently. 
-Comfortable with doing live videos, videos, and photos. 


Brand Ambassador's &
Hair Stylist Influencer's


Please explain why you'd like to join our team, include social ALL media accounts, hair texture, any problems with your hair, and what you look forward to getting our of this experience. 

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