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Mixing Organic Beauty Products

Meet tA'mERA

The founder, creator, and owner. I created this company back in 2017 because of the lack of hair care products that actually worked for natural hair. Back then there were a lot of companies making "claims" for natural hair but were drying my out and causing even more damage. I finally got fed up and tired of buying products that never worked. Didn't know what else to do and it seems like the Lord put it on my heart to do make my own. Then he gave me the confidence to try to help other's along the way. So I dedicated to start selling them. I am the typical girl next door with a super friendly kind genuine spirit. I love mixing products and hearing/seeing my customers wonderful transformations. They certainly warm my heart. Adding more and more to my resume through this journey of natural hair care I became a certified natural hair care formulator in 2021. I studied at an accredited school in the UK were I learned all the odds and ends of the customizing all natural products which was what I was already doing. I always believe in continuing my education to better my knowledge for my customers benefit. Want to know more about me follow the social media platforms and hop on my lives so you can see me in action.